PBR Brand Brake Pads will change the way you think about braking. No matter what you drive, or how you drive, PBR offers a premium quality, reasonably priced brake pad formulation that provides the best combination of stopping power with outstanding attributes. Engineered and manufactured by Friction Materials Pacific Australia (FMP Group), PBR pads and shoes are built to OEM standards under internationally recognized standards.

FMP offers a wide selection of brake friction formulations to fit various vehicle applications and driving styles. Choosing the correct friction formula for your particular vehicle and style of driving is critical to optimizing your brake system performance. FMP’s Australian based engineering team carefully selects, tests, and finalizes every friction compound to ensure optimal stopping performance throughout life of the brake pad.

Choose from:

Deluxe Advanced Ceramic Technology for Standard city and freeway braking, frequent stop and go requirements

XBG Semi-Metallic Technology for frequent braking and high temperature braking

ULT High Performance Ceramic Technology for extreme high performance, road or competitive track

Our brake products provide:

  • High initial “bite” and a great pedal feel
  • Quiet operation, Long Life, Low Dust

We know what works on American roads and highways. Our products are recognized world-wide for high OEM and Aftermarket use.